Thursday, 5 March 2015

What are the cognitive aims of education

The cognitive aims of education refer to those aims which are concerned with cognitive changes in the individuals. deepness of thoughts and non-material acquaintance. These aims of education place an individual for an animal level onto the human level. Following are the significant cognitive aims of education near me :-

Self-cognizance : 

Self-cognizance refers to the individual is acquaintance with his own potentials and abilities. This very acquaintance passing through different stages of development helps the, individuals in achieving high position in life. Self-cognizance is, in fact, the ability of . self-knowing and self-recognition. If an individual knows himself, he knows what he can do in life. To me, this is an ability which leads to the total development of an individual’s personality.

Understanding of universe : 

Understanding of universe refers to the understanding of the laws of universe and thereby uses them in the welfare of humanity. Science education is necessary for the acquaintance with these laws of the universe. This acquaintance broadens and deepens the approach of an individual.

Accessibility toward the absolute reality : 

The absolute reality means a reality which is self-existent and which is dependent on other being for its existence. This is the responsibility of education to enable an individual in accessing and discovering the absolute reality. This absolute reality is the foundation of individual and collective life. This reality is mirrored in the actions and approaches of the individuals and society.

Awareness of abilities : 

This is an important responsibility of education to make the individuals known of their abilities and potentials. Education enables the individuals to know their capabilities and how to utilize them. If an individual is acquainted with his abilities, he will be in a position to make use of them. Acquaintance with the abilities is a significant cognitive aim of all the education system of the globe.

Understanding of laws of universe : 

When an individual discovers the ruling principles of universe, his understanding towards universe increases and broadens. This understanding brings about positive changes in the mind of an individual. An individual’s concept of GOD, Man and Universe becomes clear due to these changes. To me, understanding of the laws of universe has facilitated the life of an individual. Purposefulness in life and society: Life and society are interlinked and they cannot be understood if they are parted from each other. Life and society find its purpose and justification in education. Education tells the individuals; what is life and what is its relation with the society? Education makes an individual understand the purposefulness of life and society and thereby enables the individual to lead a balanced social life. Life and society cannot maintain their flow, strength and
survival without the effective educative process.


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