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What are the spiritual aims of education

Spiritual aims of education refer to those aims through which national ideology and values are injected in the character of the present and future generation. These aims are given priority in a system of education. These aims serve as a foundation of a system of education. They are directly concerned with the life ideology of a nation. The intellectuals have pointed out the following spiritual aims of a system of education :-

Divine cognizance : 

Divine cognizance refers to get introduced and acquainted with the supreme Lord and Creator of man and the universe. The intellectuals hold that Divine cognizance is the base of Divine willingness. Divine cognizance is an important spiritual aim of education. For the acquisition of this particular aim, efforts are made to enable the students to recognize their Creator and know the mysteries of the universe.

Sense of accountability : 

An important aim of the education system is to produce a sense of accountability in the holy court of GOD after death. Man is held responsible, for all his actions and deeds before GOD. Education makes an individual realize the aims of life. Life has a definite purpose set by GOD. A man should do the acts and deeds approved by GOD.

Surrender to Divine : 

Surrender to Divine refers to submission personal desires to will of GOD. When a man hows himself before the Divine commandments, he earns the Divine willingness. Surrender to Divine is an important spiritual aim of education. This aim enables the individual to lead their lives according to the religious way of life. In this way, not only Divine willingness will be secured but also a pure society will be established.

Hereafter thoughtfulness :

Hereafter thoughtfulness refers to generation of a sense of responsibility in an individual that he will be accountable for all his deeds, blessings granted by GOD and overall life pattern after death. This of education
enables the individuals to lead their lives according to their religion teachings and consequently secure success in the life of hereafter.

Religious insight : 

Production of religious insight in the individuals is another aim of education. Religious insight helps in understanding the philosophy and justification of religious commands and prohibitions. In this way, education will turn an individual into a true man. Education enables the individual to get acquainted with the facts presented by religion. This knowledge of the material and non-material facts enable an individual to lead a balanced social fife. An individual with religious Insight can better harmonize with according their religious teachings which lead to Divine cognizance and Divine willingness.

Preparation for vicegeraney of land : 

Preparation of an individual for vicegerancy of land is another significant spiritual aim of education. Education is responsible for enabling the individual to fulfill the duties of vicegerancy. Man is vicegerent to GOD on earth. He has been sent on earth with many authorities and choices. He is accountable to GOD in connection with his deeds and actions. This is the function of education to make the individual acquainted with the responsibilities of viccgerancy. Education is the only source which enables the individual to perform the duties of vicegcrancy. Being the vicegerent to GOD on earth, an individual should not disobey the commands of GOD.

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