Friday, 30 December 2016

Define "integration of curricular components" and what its significance is

The integration of curricular components refers to the logical relationship among the elements of curriculum which aims at developing the students so as to build their character in accordance with the objectives of education. • The integration of curricular components refers to the attempt of acquiring the educational objectives by means of the combined endeavors of the elements of curriculum. The integration of curricular components leads to the acquisition of the curricular objectives. All the components of curriculum influence one another. The performance of one rests on the other. If the mutual dependence among them collapses, the curricular process might not have achieved its targeted objectives. To me, the following points indicate the significance of the integration of curricular component :-
• The integration of curricular components positively influences of the instructional process and brings about better instructional results.
• The process of curriculum development proves to be effective only if there is a logical co-ordination among the components of curriculum.
• The success of the curricular process depends on the mutual co-ordination of all four components of curriculum. The conflicts among them obstacle the way to the acquisition of the objectives of curriculum.
• The relationship among the components of curriculum is essential for keeping the process of curriculum dynamic.
• If an element of curriculum is disconnected from the rest of the elements, the process of curriculum would have collapsed and failed to achieve its aims.
• The body of the process of curriculum consists of four components of curriculum. These components grant the process of curriculum a meaningful form. They are also the pillars of a building. If one of the pillars has defects, it would be dangerous for the whole building.
• Inter-dependence is observed in all components of curriculum. All the components depend on the others. For instance; if the method of teaching is ineffective and dull, the curricular content would not be able to secure its objectives.
• The curricular decisions are made keeping in view all the components of curriculum. If there is no mutual interaction among those components, the task of decision making would become difficult.


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