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Discuss the objectives of curriculum in detail

Curriculum is a plan which is prepared for the acquisition of the objectives of education. This is the only means of bringing about behavioral changes in the personality of the children. If curriculum is eliminated from the educative process, the education system would lose its justification. A good curriculum is always the spokesman of the national aspirations and ideals. A good curriculum can be said to have the following major objectives :-

Fulfillment of national aspirations :- 

The most fundamental aim of education is to fulfill the national aspirations. To me, curriculum is the soul of the educative process. If it is excluded from the system of the education, the nation would not succeed in securing the national aims. The national and individual aspirations are mirrored in the curriculum. Curriculum is the only means which paves the way to individual and collective welfare. The national ambitions are absorbed into curriculum and they are acquired through the instructional process.

Behavior modification :- 

Curriculum brings about behavioral changes in the personality of the individuals and thereby enables them capable of social adjustment. Such socially adjusted individuals cause social stability. They play their effective role in the national development. When the changes occurred in the behavior of the individuals, they prove themselves useful individually and collectively. Curriculum is the only means which enables the students to take part in the productive and socially acceptable activities.

Understanding the mysteries of the universe :- 

Curriculum gives an understanding of the mysteries of the universe to the students. The young generation is imparted the knowledge of the fundamental laws of the universe by means of the curricular content. This knowledge about the facts of the universe paves the way to the understanding the mysteries of the universe. Every system of education produces the ability of discovering the facts of the universe in its students. A nation cannot  compete with the other nations of the world the ability of understanding the fact of the universe. The education aim of the mysteries of the universe can only be achieved if these facts and mysteries are included in the curriculum developed for various levels of education.

Continuity in educational activities :- 

This is one of the primary objectives of curriculum to produce integration and continuity among the educational activities. Curriculum is developed in line with the objectives of education. These objectives can only be achieved when there is a co-ordination, balance and integration among all the educational activities. Curriculum integrates all the activities of education which thereby makes the learning process effective and durable. The curriculum for lower level of education provides foundations for developing the curriculum for higher level of education. If the previous learning experiences are linked with the newer ones, then the continuity of experiences, observations, and information maintains.

Conformity to changeable needs :- 

This is the responsibility of curriculum to conform the individuals to the changeable needs of the society. Man is inquisitive in nature and he discovers new worlds due to this natural tendency granted by God. Man has conquered many secrets of the universe due to his intellect and insight These new discoveries can only be preserved only if they are included in the curriculum of a nation. When  new facts and findings are become the part of curriculum, it becomes harmonized with the current needs. Life and society are dynamic. The, needs of life arc continuously changing. If we wish to make life harmonized, with the changeable needs, new changes should be included in the content of curriculum. In this way, curriculum will be able to fulfill the needs of the individuals and the society.

Harmony between individual and society :- 

No society can continue to exist without the harmony between individual and society. No doubt; the personality development of the individual is necessary by means of the educative process. But at the same time, curriculum enables the students to respect the social values so, as to strengthen the fabrics of the society. The conflict between the aspirations of the individual and the society lead to the instability in the society. It will spread frustration among the individuals which ultimately causes a gulf between individual and society. If the individual is annoyed, he/she will distort the fabrics of society. This situation is injurious to the harmony between individual and society. In the  circumstances, this is the responsibility of curriculum to maintain an expected harmony between individual and society.

Promotion of values :- 

All world societies determine the objectives of national system of education keeping in view the social values and social needs. Education derives its ultimate destination from the objectives of education. Curriculum is the only means which enables the process of education to reach its destination. In this regard, the objectives of education serve as the lighthouse and curriculum serves as a means to reach the destination. When the objectives of national education are determined, a practical program is formulated. This very program is termed as curriculum which carries out the process of the promotion of values.

Self-realization :- 

An individual must have the justification of his/her life. He/she has his/her own identity and at the, same time, he/she is a member of a society. He/she has the right to develop his/her personality while living in the society. He/she is not made for society. But he/she is nothing without a society. Here curriculum offers its services. It provides such opportunities and activities to the individuals by which an individual reaches the destination of self-realization. Self-realization refers to a particular state of mind under which an individual thinks of him/herself a successful and productive member of the society. Every child has to undergo various experiences, observation and events. Then, he/she becomes aware of him/herself and thereby gets comprehensive understanding of the society. This understanding of the individual leads to the social stability.

All-round personality development :- 

Curriculum is responsible for individual and collective development. For the successful delivery of this responsibility, curriculum equips the students with such skills and excellences that open new ways of progress in various fields of life. A balanced and successful curriculum develops all the aspects of human personality. This all-round development is the primary responsibility of curriculum and the chief objective of education. For the realization of this particular aim of curriculum and education, there should be the element of comprehensiveness in all the skills, excellences and activities included in the curriculum. Curriculum is the soul of the process of education and all-round development cannot be expected without the curriculum compatible with the needs of society.

Social reconstruction :- 

Society is a dynamic organism. A series of continual changes can be observed within the society. As a result of these social changes, some desirable and undesirable cultural attitudes become the part of society. New things are becoming the part of culture due to the development in science and technology. The social attitudes are being changed due to the inclusion of these elements in the social settings. The survival of society lies in the harmony between social values and social needs. This is what we say the social reconstruction which is the basic function of curriculum.

Development of individuality :- 

Development of individuality is one of the primary aims of curriculum. Every individual is born with some unique and distinct abilities. These abilities are developed by means of the process of education and ultimately curriculum aims at the development of the individuality of the individuals. Curriculum consists of the activities through which the abilities of the individuals may be exposed and developed so that they may render valuable services for the welfare of the nation and humanity.

Globalization :- 

Curriculum enables an individual to compete with the global needs. Science and technology has entirely changed the world scene. Now, this world has turned into a global village. Local. and limited thinking cannot cope with the international demands. Survival lies in competing with the demands of the globe. Curriculum renders valuable services in this regard. It prepares the individuals to cope with modern needs so that they may maintain their individuality on the global level. 


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