Thursday, 3 December 2015

Briefly discuss the significance of the knowledge of individual differences for a teacher

The individual differences refer to the physical, mental, emotional and social differences found in the individuals of the world. A person is different from the others due to these individual differences. They play a significant role in the educative process. This significance can be highlighted in the following points :

  • The success of the learning process, largely rests on the individual differences. 
  • The instructional strategy can be better planned if the individual differences are taken into consideration.
  • The individual differences provide the society those individuals which effectively work in various field of life.
  • A teacher has to use different methods of teachings for the students having varied abilities. If the individual differences are taken into consideration, the instructional objectives could not be realized positively. 
  • The students of a class vary in mental abilities it is obligatory for the teacher to consider the cognitive differences of the learners so that the instructional objective may be acquired.
  • The students are grouped for better instruction. This grouping is based on the individual, difference of the students. If the individual differences are ignored during the process of instruction, it would increase the instructional difficulties of the teacher.
  • The individual differences help the teacher in maintaining discipline and order in the school. They allow the teacher to know the mental inclination and tendency of the students. They also enable the teacher to take necessary steps for making the students disciplined and law abiding. 
  • Individuals for Working in various fields of life are provided to the society by means of the educative process. The presence of individual differences in the educative process ensures the provision of the individuals capable of working in various fields of life.


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