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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Define community and also discuss the differences between society and community

Community refers to a group of people living within a specific geographic area who co-operate in all their life activities and who share a sense of belonging.
  • Community means a small group of people living in a particular locality and having common interests.
  • Community refers to the residents of a local area like a township. 
  • Community means a group of people having common interests such the a medical community, educational community, intellectual community, government servant community and the white-collar community. Tribes, villages and families are the significant forms of community.


The differences between society and community can be explained in the following lines :-


  1. Society spread over a vast area.
  2. A society consists of many communities.
  3. A society is free from all external pressures and sanctions.
  4. This is not necessary for the members of a society to be similar in dress, language and customs.
  5. There is a limited mutual co-operation and dependence in the members of a society.
  6. Generally, the people of a society are Self-conceited and self-indulged. There is a a lesser sense of belonging in the members of a society.
  7. A society is aware of the situations and conditions of other societies of the world.
  8. Society is based on the ontological and metaphysical believe.
  9. A nation is developed on the basis of a society.
  10. The individuals of a society gather together on various commercial places.
  11. The Indian society, the Arabic society, the French society and the Chinese society are the significant examples of a society.


  1. Community spread over a limited area.
  2. Community is a unit of society.
  3. Community is not concerned with the external pressures.
  4. Similarities in language, dress and customs are generally observed in the people belonging to a community.
  5. The members of a community depend on one another in their daily life affairs.
  6. The members of a community share their pleasures and sorrows. Their mutual relationship is exemplary.
  7. Community is interested in knowing the situations and conditions of its members.
  8. Community is based on the common interests of the people who think alike.
  9. Tribes and villages are developed on the basis of a community.
  10. The members of a community share the same religious and trade centers.
  11. The tribes, villages and army towns are the significant examples of a community. When we say that the Rajpoot tribe lives in this village, it means that this village belongs to the Rajpoot tribe.


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