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Explain about documents of carriage when goods and passengers are carried by air under air Act 1934 or When a carrier is liable to damage and what are


When goods and passengers are intended to be carried by air, following documents of carriage are to be issued :

1. Ticket :-
The carrier must deliver the ticket to the passenger in which place, date of issue departure and destination must be declared.

2. Luggage Ticket :-
The carrier must deliver a luggage ticket to the passenger before the boards in the craft. Luggage ticket must contain the particulars like, weight, numbers and value of packages. The statement, that the delivery of the luggage will made to the bearer of the luggage ticket.

3. Airway Bill :-
The airway bill shall be made by the consignor in three original parts and be handed over with the cargo. Every carrier of cargo has a right to demand the airway bill from the consignor.

This bill indicates the places of departure and destination. It also contains the names of both the parties, the number of goods , the weight and number of packages . Any other information selected to goods must be attached with it. This bill is an evidence of the conclusion of contract about the receipt and condition of goods.

The consignor has the right to dispose of the cargo by with drawing in at the departure airport or destination or stop it at any landing.

The consignee has the right to receive the notice about the cargo arrived. He has the right to get the delivery of cargo according the conditions of Air bill. Consignee has also the right to enforce against the carrier if the cargo may have not arrived after the expiration of seven days from the date.


1. The carrier is liable to pay damages as may be sustained in the event of destruction of loss of cargo which took place during the carriage by air.

2. The carrier is also liable to pay damages occurred by delay in the carriage of cargo of cargo of passengers.

3. The carrier is responsible to any damage as may be sustained in the event of death or injury of passenger on board.


In Case Of Baggage :-
The complaint should be made to the carrier with in seven days after the discovery of damage of receipt. In case of cargo with in 14 days. In case of delay with in 21 days. Complaint must be made in writing. In case of death or injury of passenger suit may be filed against the carrier, during which the accident occurred. In case of loss or damage of cargo suit can be filed against the last carrier.


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