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What is Environmental Pollution and Discuss the forms of environmental pollution and give recommendations to reduce it

Being the greatest enemy of survival of humanity and having taken place in the twentieth century is the problem of environmental pollution that has a threat of time bomb of the twenty-first century. The spreading and damages of this problem know no bounds. The more the progress, the more the destruction by nature and the more the difficult for men to check it. The definition of pollution is as follows:
“All of the physical, biological and chemical elements because of human activities becoming part of these make it polluted. The negative environment changes because of these elements are called environmental pollution.”
The following are the forms of pollution that affect the natural atmosphere and human life:

Forms of Environmental Pollution

1. Air pollution :
The lst form of pollution is air pollution. Because of modern industrial and scientific progress, the smoke coming out of vehicles. engines and factories and poisonous gases are damaging human beings, animals and plantation. Natural fuel- oil, petrol, coal burning is seriously damaging the Ozone layer present as a belt of safety round the earth. The temperature of earth is increasing gradually that causes negative changes in the natural environment and this has given rise to so many problems including respiration and diseases of eyes and skin.

2. Water pollution :
Water is an invaluable bounty of nature without which human life cannot be imagined. The water used in industries includes different chemicals and poisons. Many industries let this water fall into streams and rivers that pollute the whole water of a river or a stream. It affects the marine life immediately. When this water enters the fields through canals, it pollutes land and also affects the crops that are being grown in the fields and when these are eaten by human beings their health is affected badly. This polluted water sinks into the lower layer of the earth and affects the under earth water accumulation. Diseases like Hepatitis (liver) Jaudice are becoming epidemic diseases in Imndia and Pakistan due to use of this water and non-presence of measures and no acquaintance of health principles, increasing the effects.

3. Land pollution :
Land is polluted by air and water polluting elements. Spare solid or semi-solid matter from industries; rubbish of houses in the cities pollutes land. In the modern industrial age, the use of non-decomposable articles has increased and this has become a big cause of land pollution. The cutting of forests and trees has affected the environment seriously. Rains are going to be less and land fertility is decreasing day by day and pollution is increasing gradually.

4. Noise Pollution :
Noise is the name of high pitched tones and disliked sounds. Human ear can adapt itself to a sound within a certain range and low or above that range it is a sound and is injurious to health, especially hearing sense. it affects mentally and physically in a negative way. There is a great noise in cities because of vehicles’ unnecessary horns, loud-speakers, working machines parts, airplanes. etc. The intensity of noise and its continuity affects human health and they fall a prey to disease of deafness and nerves.

Other Elements of Environmental Pollution

Despite above elements, there are other elements also responsible for the causing the environmental pollution:

i. Radiation or Radioactive Matter :
The use of atomic energy is increasing day by day, nuclear plants and atomic electricity generation houses are producing radioactive, which are injurious for human beings, and the environment is also polluted from even
atomic blasts.

ii. Overpopulation :
Overpopulation increases load on economic and natural resources with the result of decrease in food production and adulteration in it and the rubbish of cities increases the pollution of environment.

iii. Use of Fertilizers and Insecticides :
To increase agricultural production, the unchecked and enormous use of manure in the form of fertilizers and use of insecticides to kill insects harming the crops has polluted the land and crops as well. A poisonous effect is being seen in vegetables and fruit and land and water is also being polluted.

Recommendations to Reduce Environmental Pollution

The following suggestions may prove useful for the reduction of environment pollution.
1. First of all, awareness about the dangers of pollution should be brought into the notice of the public or individuals of a society about the nature of pollution and the dangers in the near future, if this is not controlled
effectively. It is necessary to include some information in the curriculum of the elementary education. Mass media should play its pant effectively.

2. A legislation should enhance to check the elements responsible for spreading pollution and to reduce it sufficiently.

3. Scientific information and means should be adopted to reduce pollution, especially the smoke of the vehicles should be made free of poisonous gases by some instruments filled in the vehicle.

4. Industrial waste matters should be de-polluted by certain scientific methods to reduce land and water pollution.

5. The polluted water should be treated to be made clear of pollution. The polluted water should not be allowed to fall in rivers without being treated of pollution. A ,better sewerage system in cities be introduced and unpolluted water be supplied to the people from drinking.

6. Forests are a factory to reduce air pollution, therefore, tree-cutting should be avoided and managed properly. Forests should be grown on waste and less fertile land to keep the environment free because forests help to clean the environment by certain chemical reactions that take place in changing carbon dioxide into oxygen and thus they purify the environment.

7. Noise pollution is a great problem of cities. The vehicles should use good sirens'to reduce noise, the factories should use noise silence devices to reduce noise and unnecessary use c-f horns be banned'by law in the cities. Noise affects human mental health.
Despite the above measures, polythene bags should be avoided for packing, less use of insecticides, pressure horns should be banned, people should be directed to take notice of cleanliness measures and an awareness should be given earnestly.
If this is not done, the future generation will be affected and if we destroy the environment, we shall destroy our own civilization from this earth.


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Assalam o Alaikum, Thanks a lot for these precious notes. May ALLAH fulfills your all dreams and wishes. Ameen

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