Monday, 19 January 2015

What is behaviour of media even having an approved Code of Ethics


Journalism has made great progress in today's world. Hide and seek between government and journalism has created a bad impact on journalism. Thus a great force, journalism had not been used effectively. Following are the some negative aspects of the journalism :

1. Crime News :
There are two objectives to print crime news. One is the rectification of people and the other is motivation. Our journalism is fulfilling the later one. Criminal news are given in such a manner that reader has sympathies with accused. It is a destructive attitude.

2. Epidemic of Fashion :
Newspapers and TV Channels introduce new trends of fashions. Dresses, jewellery and shoes etc. are highlighted to get attention of target audience. Such dresses are also given which do not match with the religion and culture of our society. These are shown in the name of innovation. Poor people are becoming complexed due to this race of fashion.

3. Generic News :
Generic news are given particularly in print journalism. It is tried to give news related to sex on first page covering a prominent space so that more and more people can read it. Such words are used which do not read loudly at home. Instead of killing such crimes, they are promoted.

4. Effect on Women :
Women, having a premature personality are affected by the glittering world of showbiz. They want to gain such gorgeous dresses, jewellery and big decorated houses. By expanding their wishes, some girls leave their homes to become a part of this glamorous world. They forget their norms and values and admissible to do any work for name and fame.

5. Dispersion of Thoughts :
Instead of training and guidance of people, it is becoming a cause to dispersion of thoughts. No clear-cut mission of life is existing in the hearts of people. It is necessary that peoples’ thoughts should be positive. It is needed to motivate people on social level for the existence of mankind.

6. Sensationalism :
When sensationalism is raised in news, it is called “yellow journalism.” Means of communication are presenting this type of journalism.

7. Verification of News :
Verification about truth of news is not thought necessary. Profession of journalism is being notorious and sometimes any individual, group or society is also affected. Newspapers do not care about the damages caused by wrong news. They want to show more and more news in their edition.

8. Political Crisis :
Journalism is thought as the flag bearer of unity but our newspapers highlight opposite statements of political leaders. Thus a country becomes the prey of political instability which is harmful for the safety of country.

9. To Cavil Public in Problems :
It is necessary to aware people about national and international affairs. Media cavil them in little problems and they have no time to think about big purposes and problems.

10. Partiality :
Media is responsible to comment impartially on current issues. It has become spokesman of some specific class and government. It is a wrong attitude of media. It should be impartial and tried to cover point of views of different groups on a specific issue.

11. Photos of Mutilated Faces :
It is included in all Codes of Ethics that photos of mutilated faces and dead bodies should be avoided. These photos affected the human brain badly. We can observe not only print medium but also electronic media are showing freely such photographs. Specially in case of accident and criminal news.

12. Quality Journalism :
Serious news, logical editorials and balanced comments along-with some entertainment are the essentials of quality journalism. Journalism has lost its importance and credibility due to its partiality, vulgarness and irresponsible attitude. It should be checked.


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