Sunday, 11 January 2015

Write a detailed note on language of daily use or the main characteristics of daily use language


The language used for daily life conversation is called daily use language. We learn this language from our family, environment,etc. There are no restrictions regarding the usage of language, any literate or illiterate person can speak this language.
Daily use language has also originated from other languages.

Characteristics of Daily Use Language :

1) Simplicity :
The most important quality of daily use language is simplicity. This is the simplest language. Simple and understandable words are used in this language without any complication and doubtfulness, that’s why it is used in our everyday life.

2) Friendly :
Our everyday or daily used language is called friendly language, because it is based on simple and short words, which are frequently used in our everyday life. Especially in our everyday conversation, this language is used.

3) Natural Source of Communication :
As we know, for mass communication we need two basic sources of communication; print and electronic media, which are inventions of science and technology but for our everyday communication we need a language which can be used for expressing our feelings and thoughts. Language of daily use fulfils our this
requirement. There is no need of training and education for learning everyday language because we learn it from our environment, our family etc.

4) Limited Area of Communication :
The only negative aspect of this language is that it has very limited area of communication because it is used in peculiar community, group or nation, so, we can’t use this language for communication at international level.

5) Familiarity :
This language has also another important element that is familiarity. It is based on familiar words, meanings and idioms, which are used frequently by making us familiar with this language.

6) Brevity :
Effective communication is not possible without brevity and this element is found in everyday language. Simple and short words are used in our everyday language raving simplest meanings.

7) Symbolic Language :
Language of daily use or everyday language is also called symbolic language. The words with their symbolic meanings are frequently used in this language.

8) Politeness :
This language has also politeness. We have said that everyday language originates from other languages. This language has borrowed words also from literary language for expressing our feelings and expressions.

9) Common Idioms :
We use common idioms in our everyday language for common conversation.

10) Language Full of Exaggeration :
Our everyday language is full of exaggeration which means to explain one thing in conversation with a little fictional touch. In our everyday life, sometimes when we make the story of any event or incident which goes through one person to another is called exaggeration and this element is very much found in our language of daily use. 


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